Thank you, Karen & Kimberly for helping us find our first home.  It would've been overwhelming without you!   - Carrie Hewitt and David Miller, Naples, FL.

Karen was excellent in market knowledge, professionalism, responsive to questions or problems and we rate her excellent overall! She did a great job!  We would use Karen again. - Mr. & Mrs. John McDonough, Naples, Fl. and Phillip Maerk, Naples, Fl. and Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Wood, Naples, Fl. 

Karen lives in the neighborhood and knows all the homes, was always able to contact her and very helpful and quick to return calls.  We felt she was excellent in market knowledge and professionalism and we would use Karen again. - Mr. & Mrs. David Oligivie, Naples,Fl. 

Karen was great and was excellent in market knowledge and professionalism and was responsive to questions or problems and we would definitely use Karen again. - Kenny & Leslie Flage

We thought Karen was excellent in market knowledge, professionalism, responsive to questions or problems and was uniformly excellent - Eugene & Faye Chiaramonte


Karen was the Best!  She was an excellent sales respresentative - aggressive, cooperative and geniune and warm person.  Can't say enough good about her!  Sharon McColeman, Phila, Pa.

Karen got the job done for us in about half the time I had expected.  Good pricing input! Mr. Tom Shambeau

Karen was extremely excellent - Do not change anything! Mr. & Mrs. Croce, Naples, Fl.

 Karen gave great service and worked hard to bring the deal together - "open houses" were great and good feedback!, Mr. & Mrs. Thorgerson

Karen was Delightful!  Karen couldn't have been more helpful and cooperative.  She worked very hard to sell my condo - Marjorie Palm, Avon, Ct.

Karen Sweatlock more than extended heerself and I am pleased to have had her handle the selling of my condo.  She is definitely an assset to the firm. - Mrs. M. Gardine.

Karen is a fine representative of the company. She cooperated with us in every way possible and we enjoyed working with Karen.  We will keep Karen in mind and will recommend her to friends that might be buying or selling in the future. - Mr. & Mrs. Kerr, Naples, Fl.


Karen was totally professional.  Problems and concerns were always handled in an efficient and caring way.  Karen did an outstanding job.  She found us a place to rent during our transition time to Naples and then followed through with us to locate the perfect home for our family.  Karen went the "extra mile" to find homes that would best suit our needs.  We were more than satisfied with Karen as our agent. - Mr. & Mrs. Purvis, Naples, Fl.

Karen has been great to us and we would request her to work for our interests again.  - Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Steiner, Naples, Fl.

 Karen is wonderful and always ready to help.  She comes through with flying colors - M. Bridenbecker, Naples, Fl.

Karen was very patient with us.  She was never pushy - Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Tears, Naples, Fl.

 Our total experience was terrific! - R. Fligor

Our experience and professionalism of Karen Sweatlock left no room for improvement. - J. Kelly.

Karen was a pleasure to work with and would recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. - Mr. & Mrs. Earl Sweikert, Naples, Fl.

 Karen did a great job and I would use her services again. - Mr. &Mrs. Glen Bolander, Burnsville, MN

 Karen is a good friend and excellent business person.  She sold my home is less than two months and also handled my new home purchase.  She is definitely an asset to the organization. - Mrs. R. Bailey, Naples, Fl.

Karen was very professional and helpful with both the selling and purchasing of our home and condo.  We would use her and John R. Wood again - Nicki and Howard Hazen

 I believe the professionalism that I received was impeccable and I will send clients to Karen again. - K. Mollo, Naples, Fl.

 Karen has been a lifesaver for me.  As a divorced women after 30 years of marriage, Karen helped me see how to keep my home and then how to sell it when the time was right.  She as always there with answers even when I was not ready to sell my home.  I have given her cards to several people at work., K. Miller, Naples, Fl.

Karen's service was excellent - No improvement needed.  Karen is an excellent agent - She knows the market and did a great job for us! - Mr. &  Mrs. Michael McCampbell, Naples, Fl.

Karen was always more than excellent and I would use John R. Wood again only if Karen is working for them. - M. Norwood, Naples, Fl.

Karen was excellent in her market knowledge and professionalism and always responsive to questions or problems and I would use Karen again. - Mr. & Mrs. Jack  Herberling, Naples, Fl. Karen was helpful in every stage of the purchase and I would think the epitome of how Realtors should be - knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. - Ms. Bryant, Naples, Fl.


KAREN bringS excellence to REAL ESTATE SERVICE.

Karen Sweatlock and her team provides top-notch personable and professional real estate services, custom marketing for listings, efficient and honest service, fair representation, and a team that is ready to work for you! All combined with great expertise and impeccable service- a combination that can't be beat!  Our clients are clients for life.


 Living and Working in Paradise